Al-Salesah Students

al-Imtehan al-Sanavi schedule

Dear Parents, 

Al-Imtehan al-Sanawi 1443H will commemorate from 8th Rajab al Asab, 9th February 2022, Wednesday. The schedule for al-Imtehan al-Sanavi, along with the timings, has been attached to this email. Parents and students are requested to please take care of the timings.
[for al-Ebtedaee – al-Sadesah]
School timings for Wednesday – Friday will be 8.45 am – 1.00 pm
School timings for Saturday – Sunday will be 8.45 am – 11.40 am
We suggest the parents to plan to pick up and drop accordingly.
Imtehan papers will be held during the timings as mentioned above.
[Only for Grade 7 – 8] 
  • Students will have to reach school by 8.45 am
  • Lunch for the students of Grade 7 – 8 will be provided in school
  • Pick up timings 5.30 pm (Wednesday – Sunday)
    • It will be mandatory for all students to wear Libas al-Anwar for al-Imtehan al-Sanawi.
  • Students will have to carry their stationery, geometrical instruments (if required) and a water bottle. 
  • The school will provide a writing pad.
  • Students should adhere to all the covid-19 protocols during the examination.
Best of luck to our all students.
Monday January 31, 2022

[Grade 1-7] Welcome Back !

Dear Parents,

The school walls have started echoing, the classrooms and tables have started decorating, the corridors have lightened, and the stoves have begun heating!

We are glad to inform you that we are resuming physical school starting from Thursday 16th December 2021. We cannot wait to see the broad smiles, the joy and the freshness on our young students.

Please note :

1. As per the government norms – we will resume school for grades 1-7.

2. Timings – 9.00 am – 1.05 pm (Lunch will not be provided)

3. Tahfeez morning batch will be on-site (in school) at its regular time, 7.30 am.

Time table, SOP’s and all the related information will follow soon.

Thank you, and Welcome back!


Tuesday December 14, 2021

#3 RQK Newsletter

Dear Parents,

PFA Zil Hijjah / July #3 RQK newsletter.



Thank you


Sunday August 22, 2021

Parents orientation invite – iRobokid

Dear Parents,

We trust this email finds you in good health.

2020 was a lost year, we missed teaching our students at Rawdat Al Quran Al Kareem.

We missed taking them through the process of learning programs like Electronics – Robotics – Coding etc

2021 we promise not to miss any of this

iRobokid in association with Rawdat Al Quran Al Kareem is pleased to invite you to a Free Orientation exclusively for the Parents of Rawdat Al Quran Al Kareem on Monday, 7th June 5 .00 PM  for 30mins, wherein we can answer all your queries on STEM Education and how to know what’s best for your child.

What you can expect?

  • Importance and relevance of STEM Courses.
  • Ideal age to learn Coding / Programming.
  • Various courses suitable for your child.(STEM Fundamentals & Simple Machines /Electrics & Electronics / Coding / Arduino Programming etc )

Trust us, after a decade in this,  and taught more than 20000 children, we do know what is best for your child.

Orientation is FREE – Registration Mandatory. Please fill in the below form to register

Get a Glimpse:


With you in STEM,

Team iRobokid.

Wednesday June 2, 2021

World Environment Day

Dear Parents, 

5th of June is celebrated as World Environment Day, and being responsible citizens of the world, we all should be doing our part for this planet where we live.
A group of volunteers from the Mumbai project collect plastics from Mumbai and recycle them (for details please find an attached image). The school will be collecting the plastics on the decided drop points on the 4th of June. We all know that the environment and all its living beings are affected severely because of one time used plastics. Therefore, we as responsible citizens should gather plastics not only from home but also from society and all neighbourhoods.
The school is aiming to collect 50kg of plastic. Each class can collect at least 5kg. 
We urge our students and parents to participate and be a part of this initiative. Below are some directives provided by the Mumbai project; we request to please adhere to them:
1. All students/parents should collect and drop their plastics on Friday the 4th of June.
2. The plastics should be properly packed and sealed in a bag or box.
3. Assure that all the plastics gathered should be clean and tidy before packing.
4. Parents should make sure that the plastics containers containing food should be cleaned thoroughly before dropping. 
Drop point and timings will be communicated via Class representatives. 


Tuesday June 1, 2021

Regular School

Dear Parents,

Please note 13th and 14th Rajab ul Asab 1442 (Wednesday and Thursday) will be regular working school.

Tuesday February 23, 2021

Regarding regular classes

Salam Jameel,

Kindly note that there will be no regular classes and Quran periods (morning batch too) during al-Imtehaan al-Sanawi days.


Wednesday February 17, 2021

Co-curriculum (2nd to 6th)

Salam Jameel,

Dear parents,
Today students have been assigned their Imtehan’s co-curricular assignments.
It will be mandatory for all students to attempt Sports and Art assignments.

As mentioned students will have a choice to attempt between
Zike Husain AS and Tajweed (Any one)

Handwork and cooking (Any one)

All the best!

Monday February 8, 2021

Hifz Imtehan

Salam Jameel,
This year Quran’s Imtehaan will be divided into two parts
-Shafahee (Orals)
Each child will be asked two questions from his/her hifz’s portion (till their last jadeed page).
-Tehriri (Written) 
The written paper will be divided into three questions.

Both the assessments have equal weightage. Dates will be announced soon.

Best of Luck!

Thursday February 4, 2021

Regarding classes

Salam Jameel,

Kindly note that tomorrow, i.e. 27th January 2021, there will be a holiday for al-Salesah, al-Rabeah and Khamesah. The classes will resume from Thursday 28th January 2021.


Tuesday January 26, 2021

Monthly Calendar – January & February 2021

Dear Parents,

Please find the attached calendar.

Thank you

Tuesday January 12, 2021

Annual Virtual Stage Program 20-21 link

Baad al Salam al Jameel,

Dear Parents,

We look forward to seeing you in our Annual Virtual Stage program tomorrow, ie Saturday, 9th January, at 9 am.

Kindly install the zoom app in your mobile/laptop in advance.

Here are the details:

Preprimary – RQK is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Preprimary Annual Stage Program 20-21
Time: Jan 9, 2021, 9 AM India

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 894 9337 5177
Passcode: 5253

Meeting ID: 894 9337 5177
Find your local number:


The first 100 participants will be able to join us on the zoom and then others can watch the live program following the link given below:


Friday January 8, 2021

Our Virtual Stage Program of the year 2020-21

Baad al Salam al Jameel

Dear Parents,

Kindly find the invitation attached in the mail.

The links will be shared soon inshallah.


Thursday January 7, 2021

Revised – Monthly Calendar – December

Dear Parents,

Please find the attached file.

Monday December 14, 2020

Edu Ski Camp 2020-21

Dear Parents,

Please find the attached file.


Saturday December 5, 2020

Monthly Calendar – Oct, Nov & Dec 20

Dear Parents,


Note: Kindly minimize the screen time of your child during the breaks.

Friday October 2, 2020

Poetry cafe invite

Dear Parents and Students,

We cordially invite all the parents and students of RQK  for the Poetry cafè organised by us.  (The students of al Saniyah – Grade 2)

PFA the invite.

(The link for the google meet is attached in the PDF.)


Thank you

See you soon !!


Thursday October 1, 2020

Poetry recital Invitation

Dear parents and students,

PFA the poetry recital invitation.

The details are mentioned in the invitation card.


Thank you

Tuesday September 29, 2020

Quiz 6th Moharram ul Haraam

Dear All,

PFA the link for today’s quiz.

Parents can also participate.


Thank you

Monday August 24, 2020

Niyaz e Husain AS

Dear parents,

Every year our children take part in different forms of Khidmat in Ashara Mubaraka which makes us proud immensely.

Continuing our noble tradition, this year, under the luminous Bayan Mubarak of al-Dai al-Ajal Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa RA of the 3rd Waaz where Maula (RA) quoted Imam Jafer us Sadiq’s (AS) encouragement for Niyaz.

Imam (AS) states that when we partake in the Niyaz of one Mumin it is equal to feeding one lac people.

Therefore, We would request our parents and children to partake by contributing in Niyaz of Imam Husain (AS)

The Niyaz Amount will be done Araz in Hazrat Imamiyah in Khandala during Ashara Mubarakah, Insha Allah.

Contributions of any amount can be made to the respective class representatives
To Mulla Aziz bhai Maimoon at Husami Manzil, Mazagaon (9833509906) till 6:00pm, Tuesday, 25th August 2020.

Thank you

Monday August 24, 2020