As a parent , when your child is small, you read to them. While reading stories you see their excitement and joy on their faces when some fantasy story is being read to them. You always wonder, when and how will the transformation happen, when will the child read to you, with the same excitement on their faces, just this time it’s to please us, more than themselves. One always thought how will they learn this most important life skill, and thankfully , by the support of the school, the child has learnt and loved his most important LIFE skill, that is to read. No matter what a person chooses to pursue, this skill will be used the most. Being the first audience to the child’s  performance. It gives not only immense pride but also a deep sense of satisfaction.

Burhanuddin Dungarpurwala’s father (Grade 2)

When Adnan was reading to me, it reminded me of how he used to sit in my lap and ask me to read him his favourite story books. It felt like it was just yesterday that this cute cuddly bundle of mischief was staring at me with large eyes filled with wonder as I narrated his favourite stories to him. And today here he was, reading to me. Sitting in my arms as he proudly read line after line like a wise storyteller narrating the tales of his adventures. Oh how the roles have reversed and how proud i feel to see my naughty little son reading his stories to me and trying to make me understand the plot like a little grandpa

Adnan yamani’s father (Grade 2)

Zahra read me a story which I have read about her a couple of times earlier. I felt so proud of her, that she has come a long way. It was a very different and satisfying feeling while she was reading to me. Difficult to express, but found her grown up quite suddenly. She was quite good at her reading too. It was a very nice experience and would love to repeat it often.
Thank you

Zahra shakir’s father (Grade 1)

It was a satisfying feeling with pride. I remembered the time when he used to be an infant and I used to read him story books. It was a pure magical moment when he used to baby talk with me while reading the storybook. Now when he reads for himself i feel proud that he has grown up so well. May Allah always keep him in happiness and healthy.

Burhanuddin Palitanawala’s father (Grade 2)

IT was a proud moment for me watching my little princess grow up and having started reading stories to me…kudos to the school team

Batul Poonawala’s father (Grade 1)

Listening to Husaina read to me, allowed me to activate my own imagination and get a different perspective on understanding of the world. Traits that we should be developing in our children. Reading with Husaina is an absolute Joy.

Husaina Khoraki’s father (Grade 1)

“Heartwarming “- to spend a dedicated time with Husain especially doing something that Husain loves to do.

Husain al Anwar’s father (Grade 1)

I was amazed at Inseeya’s reading with such flow and grace.  I was also delighted to know that she enjoyed reading so much and would take the initiative to read daily.

Inseeya Cassimjee’s father (Grade 2)

When Burhanuddin read  stories with me, they sounded very sweet and the way he narrated always kept me curious about the conclusion.Also,  the morals of all the stories he read to me will always be remembered as they were very sweetly delivered.

Burhanuddin kagazwala’s father (Grade 3)